Volunteering with unDependence 2018

Unique, international, independent films from all over the world are coming to Edinburgh, Stirling and more of Scotland.

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We are Pop Up! Scotland: a creative, social enterprise that aims to bring art to unexpected places. We’re are a not for profit organisation run completely by volunteers and are looking for anyone who wants to join the team and gain experience with film exhibition and/or arts organisation. Any and all levels of experience and interest are welcome, whether you want to hit the pavement with flyers, update the blog, set up the equipment or even help get publicity – contact us and get involved!

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If you’d like to help out, please e-mail undependence@popupscotland.org or fill out the form below. Please attach a statement of interest about why you think you would be a good fit, the area you’d like to work in, and a CV or description of your experience. We’re happy to train you up as well: enthusiasm and commitment count for a lot!

Volunteer Perks: 

  • Free festival tickets to all screenings and workshops. 
  • Training and on-the-job experience with a small local arts organisation. 
  • A chance to form a community of like-minded individuals who believe in supporting creative opportunities across Scotland. 
  • It’s just good fun!

Marketing Team

Marketing should speak with one voice and communicate the tone of our festival to our target audience. The marketing team has many facets and can comprise of individuals who focus on each area below, or a small group who takes on multiple responsibilities.

  • Design – Graphic Designer to help with creating our posters, flyers, and social media images for promoting the festival.
  • Social Media – Create a posting schedule for images, video, and copy that is appealing to our target market. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are our main outreach channels. Will also create dialogue with individuals and organisations on social media. Create Facebook events for our individual programmes and ensure copy tone is consistent throughout.
  • Mailing List – Create dynamic emails and gather more signups to the mailing list (collaborate with social media). Keep mailing list up to date and hyped up for our program. Also keep VIP list of press contacts, filmmakers, sponsors/partners, local film scene heroes etc.
  • Website – Update and maintain website, write copy, select images for use. Should have some experience with WordPress. Coordinate with ticketing website, update programme information with images, film blurbs, trailers, workshop information, etc.
  • PR/Press – Create press release(s), contact and maintain relationships with journalists. Coordinate with social media, mailing list, and launch event organiser.
  • Launch Event (coordinated with Citizen Ticket) – Event for PR & Media as well as local VIPs and the unDependence team. Coordinate with Venue manager, PR/press, mailing list, social media, and website. Manage and be present at all aspects of event launch with the help of the full unDependence team. Key points are: Venue, time/date, guests, food/drinks, programme (films, speakers, networking, etc), sponsors, photography, and promotion. You don’t have to do it all, but you have to make sure it gets done.

Workshops Team

Manage workshop submissions, put out open call, as well as managing internal workshops put on by our team. Successful workshops in the past have included Q&A sessions with filmmakers, creative animation sessions, and a variety of lectures, and interactive filmmaking sessions in various formats. On the day, this will involve managing Q&A, workshop instructors, plus confirming locations for the workshops and timings (with the Venue Manager) as well as costs and pricing (all working with the unDependence Team). Creativity and enthusiasm are encouraged, as our workshops are as strong and varied as the individuals in charge of their organisation.

Make it Mobile Movie Challenge

Part of workshops is working on the Make it Mobile Movie Challenge, coordinating all aspects of our make your own film competition. Responsibilities include: working with venues, managing the teams, coordinating a screening, judging, and awards, creating and distributing prompts and information to the competitors and ensuring all submissions meet the entry requirements.

Screening and Curation

unDependence gets a large number of submissions every year and we need an experienced and enthusiastic team to help us select the films for our programmes. Our Lead Curators will select the team and assign films and judging criteria to those who have been selected. There will be several rounds involved in developing our short list which will then be curated into individual programmes, with certain films being selected for our Rising Star award and our Female Filmmaker of Excellence award.

Selection criteria:

unDependence is open to any genre. We are looking for stories about dependencies.

The stories must fit (in the broad sense) the question of “what is dependency” and/or “What does it mean to be an individual in a dynamic society?”

We are looking for strong, outstanding stories. They can be funny, sad, absurd or dramatic, as long as they keep an audience interested.

We want to make the audience think. We want them to enjoy films as an aesthetic experience visually and narrative.

We love documentaries as much as comedies. It is the silliness that gives our audience air to breathe in between heavy stories and make for a “rounded” programme.

We are looking for a certain quality of film. A filmmaker should have a good style, we want strong cinematography but we emphasize on story and originality – we are not an art-film festival but want to present a programme that is accessible for viewers.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

The individual or team will be responsible for discovering new funding opportunities, filling out funding applications, working with our External Screening Manager, Touring Manager and Marketing Team to ensure that the sponsors are mentioned in marketing material. The role will also look for ways we can expand our audience through funding opportunities that are outwith our usual festival screenings, reaching into the Borders, Highlands and Islands. Most importantly is that the aims and goals of the festival are prioritised in the funding and sponsorship process. 


We already have MMBF, Citizen Ticket, and anonymous donations. This person will seek out sponsorship and maintain relationships with our current sponsors, ensuring we have proper marketing materials, etc. 

External Screenings and Touring Team

This team will be in charge of maintaining and expanding relationships with local communities, organisations, and councils, as well as approaching and exploring new partnerships. Both areas of this team will need to work with marketing team to ensure proper promotion and outreach in other regions, as well as awareness of our sponsors, local councils, and partner organisations. 

External Screenings:

Reach out to community organisations like Leith Community Cinema, Grassmarket Community Centre, ESAF, Hidden Door, and coordinate screenings and look for new partners. As well as looking for screening opportunities within the dates of the festival, you will also look for opportunities to collaborate all year round. This will be a longer term role over the duration of a year, so we will need someone who is committed to ensuring access to independent film is available across Scotland. 


Approach and maintain relationship with local councils, organise venues, dates/times, and potential partnerships. We are ideally looking to provide access to independent film across Scotland, particularly in the Borders, and the Highlands and Islands. Investigate and explore opportunities to work with other organisations who have a similar aims. You will need to approach local councils, venues, local volunteers etc. to ensure that the community is involved in the project. This will also be a longer term role over the duration of a year, so we will need someone who is committed to ensuring access to independent film is available across Scotland. 


Venue Team

Venue Manager:

Communicate with venues, select venues from our current list (or maybe explore new ones), will book for the festival itself, external events, and launch event. Get quotes, ensure proper equipment is available/hired, schedule load-in/load-out. Coordinate with House Manager (at the venue) and all teams.

On the Night Staff:

Will report the Venue Manager who will create a rota of on the night staff. You will not need to be present at every screening/workshop etc. but you must commit to some (number TBC). This will include checking tickets, load-in/load-out, greeting and directing audience member, and assisting with the workshops and lectures. If you are technically savvy, and have an interest in AV equipment, this may come in handy!

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