Thursday Night

Book – Edinburgh

EDINBURGH – 20 April – The Banshee Labyrinth – 29-35 Niddry St

STIRLING – 27 April – The Burgh Coffeehouse – 4 King St

Book – Stirling

In The Zone

Zones are defined most commonly as stretches of land or areas with a particular characteristic or purpose. With zones come borders, sometimes material and other times invisible, all bringing with them a means of creating belonging or exclusion. The films of “In the Zone” take these realms and borders to surreal and fantastical lengths, as well as exploring the true feeling of home and belonging to those who are being forced from their zone.    

Chic By Nature

Welcome to our exhibition of extraordinary humans. It’s a tough life for these Reversed Chameleons. Too big, too colourful, they just will not blend in with the crowd. Restlessly they are cruising the streets at night, the world is too beautiful to settle down. Some are chasing their dreams, some are chasing their men with the strangest of desires. The ‘norm’ is a spectrum and these stories are definitely on the edge and beyond.

The Block


In the middle of the steppes of Kyrgyzstan an old foundation dating back to the Soviet era is gaining more and more importance in the nomads’ daily life.

Nadine Boller//Switzerland//2015//9min44sec


Abu-George (72), wakes up in his new home in Lod(Lydda) to another grey morning, And takes a bus to Jaffa, to His childhood neighbourhood. During the day, we will discover what he left behind and what he would never be able to.

Itay Akirav//Israel//2016//15min29sec

The Pine Tree Villa


Lion and Bird break into an uninhabited villa to find out about the reason why it is not aging. Immediately they feel the power that keeps the villa alive.

Jan Koester//Germany//2016//12min58sec

Their Land, Our Home

Weaving legend and reality, ‘Their Land, Our Home’ is a snap shot of the final days of the neighbourhood of Santa Filomena, one of Portugal’s last shantytowns. The film gives voice to those whose homes are being destroyed through the governments out dated slum clearance program. Through their stories we see that what is being lost are not just houses but a community, an identity and feeling of belonging. These are things that, once destroyed, are not easily rebuilt.

Ryan Powell//UK//29min

House Arrest


House Arrest tells the story of Max, who was sentenced to six months of house arrest. An electronic ankle bracelet called Percy helps him trough his new daily life. One day Max is shocked to discover how far Percy is willing to go to assist him in his needs.

Matthias Sahli//Switzerland//2015//13min27sec


Pink Velvet Valley


A bleak location somewhere in Scotland, a cab falling to bits and Alec Calan facing an acute case of Ray-ban addiction : welcome to Pink Velvet Valley!

Sébastien Petretti//Belgium//2015//5min30sec




In the office of psychologist, women complain about the typical problems in relationships with men. The doctor has a unique ability to get rid of ‘bats in their attic‘ at the click of his fingers. The dream of all his life is to find the one who will be the happiest woman in the world.

Irina Storozhenko//Russia//2016//15min26sec

Hattie Goes Cruising

While rifling through his collection of dirty photos of horse-hung tricks, Hattie shares his vivid memories, insights, and practical advice for picking up guys, how to deal with difficult tricks and more. We also learn about the 35-year-long relationship between Hattie and his partner Allen, who never put the kibosh on Hattie’s cruising habits. The film is both a brilliant look at a part of gay culture that’s fast becoming extinct, and a portrait of a unique character who is as fascinating as he is endearing.

Konstantin Bock//U.S//2015//18min

Our Wonderful Nature


The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before.

Tomer Ashed//Germany//2016//3min32sec

The Eggman

A woman’s biological clock is ticking waiting for ‘The Eggman’ to pass by in her kitchen. This is her chance to get pregnant but therefore she needs to seduce ‘The Eggman’. ‘The Eggman’ seems to have more interest in his chicken. Slowly she drives him to the back of his kitchen where things het out of hand.

Marc Wagenaar//Germany//2016//7min4sec



Decorosa keeps a skeleton costume in her bedroom closet, between the nightgowns. That’s what love is about.

Enrique Buleo//Spain//2016//12min50sec