Thursday Night

EDINBURGH -The Banshee Labyrinth – 29-35 Niddry Street

I. DOCMA – presented by DOCMAdocs – 18:30 – 19:30

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II. unDependent Docs – 20:00 – 22:00

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I. DOCMA presented by DOCMAdocs

(Films and Challenge)

unDependence 2019 opens its 5th season at the Banshee Labyrinth’s vault cinema. We invite our audience to an evening dedicated to documentary filmmaking during which we will be showing international documentary short film and present the work of DOCMA collective. The DOCMA collective is a brainchild of the Edinburgh Docklub who describe themselves as a “support group” for documentary filmmakers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Once a month they organise a meeting to network and screen members’ projects. The DOCMA film is a 5 minutes collaborative-documentary film shot by 5 members of the the group each month. The 5 filmmakers are given a common theme and each an individual documentary style to shoot a 1 minute film. Dockma is then shown as a complete film. Roles and tasks are determined via a lottery and filmmakers must adhere to a set of written rules. The DOCMA filmmakers are organising the first part of the Opening night, introducing their work and films and will invite the audience to participate in a 48hr filmmaking competition. The results will be screened at the festival’s closing night on April 7th at Summerhall.

II. unDependent Docs

Documentaries can function as a looking glass or a mirror. The camera opens up a view on our real world and the bigger and smaller issues in it. The unDependent Docs are international documentaries telling stories that are unheard of people and their struggles who are most likely invisible to us. And most of them are silent battlefields, too intimate, too frail to risk exposure. There are teenage girls who seek intimate plastic surgery to “look right”, people among us who transgress the gender boundaries. Others are bound by concrete prison walls and we are most likely to forget they are indiviuals with dreams and hopes just like we are. And then there is the mundane absurdity of the every-day life that sometimes enfolds in front of our eyes – be it in the form of a traffic separating device and its amusing consequences.

    • VULVA – Elliott Watson (18:54)
    • ELI – Lumen Nguyen (6:14)
    • THE TRAFFIC SEPARATING DEVICE – Johan Palmgren (15:00)
    • WALL CALLS – Katharina Bintz (8:51)
  • ELSEWHERE – Adrian Figueroa (30:00)