Saturday Night Programme

Book – Edinburgh

EDINBURGH – 22 April – Southside Community Centre – 117 Nicolson St.

STIRLING – 29 April – Tollbooth Attic – Jail Wynd

Book – Stirling

Open the Door


The modern age has landed us in a world of isolation, paranoia and anxiety. At a time of instant and perpetual communication, many people feel frightened of what lies beyond their front door. The latest attempt for another wall is a symptom of the spiking xenophobia and the desire to keep “the others” out. And if there can’t be a wall they build detention camps to keep themselves safe. Thanks to contemporary delivery services we don’t even have to leave the safety of our own home! We can stay inside, build our own safety web and wait for no one to come. Or…Shake things up! Walk backwards to work, have a conversation with your neighbour, create something outlandish.


Choose Life!


When destiny strikes, everyone chooses a different way of dealing with it. The protagonists of this programme each chose their own unique survival strategy. A teenager living on the streets, brother and sister fighting off death, a young man who is both the protagonist and the writer of his world, another has dedicated his life to resistance. A young woman found her balance on a fair ground and a poet found freedom far from home. But when they all chose life, a young man chose the toaster with serious consequences.


Something About Silence


“You are here, because you are boring. Let the audio-visual experience sink into your subconscious.”

Patrick Buhr//Germany//2015//12min22sec

For my Friends in Detention

‘For my Friends in Detention’ is a short documentary that examines the impact refugee activism in Australia has on people on both sides of the fence. It focuses on the relationship of Sarah, a refugee activist and Cali a Tamil refugee. The film draws upon observational footage filmed over several years of the campaign that includes Sarah’s first experience of a detention centre and Cali’s first speech after getting his freedom. Through portraying a personal story about the impacts of activism, ‘For my Friends in Detention’ invites the audience to believe that actions can make a difference.

Zebedee Parkes//Australia//2016//11min53sec



One day a man decides to keep track of every single emotion he experiences.

Andreea Dobre//Romania//2016//2min35sec

The Parcel

In a world, where it seems to be normal to be alone, Simon gets a package for his supposedly dead neighbour. These supernatural object should drive him insane. After the neighbours are starting to stalk him, Simon realises that there is a secret organisation, who wants to destroy his life. So he starts his counterattack.

Wilke Weermann//Germany//2016//17min

Fire Water Earth Air Wind

In a slightly surreal scene, two figures move through time, one forward and the other backward. Nevertheless, they communicate with each other and swap things. Ash turns to paper, water flows upwards. This all happens in a manner where the viewer can not always be sure in which direction the time is running.

Maria Reinhardt-Szyba//Germany//2015//3min50sec

The Wedding Patrol


The Russian expat Mikail lives happily in a civil partnership with his husband in Berlin, when chief inspector Böhnenkamp accuses him of not being gay and leading a green-card marriage. A witness saw him kissing a woman! But as it turns out, things are not always what they seem.

Rogier Hardeman//Germany//2016//14min40sec



In association with the UK charity, Depaul, ‘Jordan’ draws attention to the current crisis in the UK regarding homelessness and the corresponding lack of suitable social housing, with particular focus on the young. The short, in his own words, tells the story of Jordan Brooks from childhood through to his eventual experience of homelessness in London. Shot mostly in POV and finished in high contrast black and white, the film takes a different approach in telling an unfortunately all too familiar story.

Prakash Nathan//UK//2016//5min17sec

Brother Deer


Brother and sister live peacefully in a cottage at the edge of a forest until their life is disrupted by the arrival of mistress Death. They try to run for their lives, but Death has to carry out what has been ordained. The sister decides to let her brother change into a deer rather than to let him die. Might pure sibling love be capable of awakening a little compassion in the heart of ghostly mistress Death? Will brother and sister manage to escape their fate and stay together forever?

Zuzana Žiaková//Slovakia//2015/11min53sec

About Arif

Arif has only one purpose in his life: dancing with a woman. About Arif is a touching tale of family, the one we are born in to and the one we build.

Hasan Kalender//Turkey//2016//12min


Loneliness can be unbearable. What do you do when your only friend has gone? The hole he left behind must be filled. A tragicomic tale about the human need for relationships.

Sebastian Henn//Switzerland//2016//7min10sec

Man on Layby 52

Charles Ingram is well known as the man who occupied layby 52 on one of Scotland’s busiest roads for three years. Once a prosperous business owner, he lost everything in a battle with the authorities. During his time on the layby, Charles collected over 2500 signatures from passers by who stopped to hear his story and the suspicious events surrounding his Mother’s death. When Charles was evicted in September 2015, it caused an outcry amongst his supporters. Charles refused to be taken into council housing and set out to find justice on the open road once again.

Ruaridh M Turner//UK//2016//20min

Keeping Balance


In order to get over her difficult past, Denise, a 20-year-old girl, visits the Viennese ‘Prater’ amusement park nearly every day to ride the electronic ‘Tagada’ carousel.

Bernhard Wenger//Austria//2015//5min13sec

I Came From the Unknown to Sing


Ghazi Hussein is an award winning Palestinian poet and writer living in Edinburgh. Born in exile in Syria he was first imprisoned at the age of 14, he was never charged but was ‘guilty of carrying thoughts’. Repeatedly imprisoned and tortured over the next 20 years he says that writing poetry saved his sanity. Ghazi eventually arrived in Scotland in 2000. After a three year legal battle, the legal evidence of the torture he had endured led him to being granted political asylum in Scotland. This short film, directed by award winning filmmaker Roxana Vilk explores his poetry as the narrative thread to unravel the complex emotional journey he has traveled through and how he came to eventually call Edinburgh home.

Roxana Vilk//UK//2015//9min