Saturday Night

EDINBURGH – 21 April – Pilrig St. Paul’s – 1B Pilrig St

STIRLING – 28 April – Allan Park South Church – Dumbarton Rd


unDependent Heroines



Chasing Houses




A little boy in a refugee camp finds and befriends a lost baby bird. He feeds it, protects it, and at night it sleeps close beside him. The adults observe him with tender sadness, oblivious to the Life that the child had given to a dirty old piece of cloth.

Juliette Rogasik//UK//2017//3min44sec

Funky Lola

Isabel is around seventy years old. She lives alone in her old apartment in a popular neighbourhood in Madrid. Her son has serious debt problems but he cannot work because he is serving time in jail, and is only released on some weekends on parole. Isabel starts a daring, resolute endeavour to find a job and help him. As obstacles arise and her frustration increases, she ends up making a bold and surprising decision.

Julio Mas Alcaraz//Spain//2017//16min41sec


While unpacking her belongings, Jackie stumbles across a variety of 8mm film equipment. The 8mm film reels reveal questions best left undisturbed.

Ruaraidh Urpeth//UK//2017//10min51sec


In Barcelona, 2017, Xavi and Loli are rehearsing for a Balboa competition (a dance style that originated in the 1920’s in America). When Sandy comes to town, after several years abroad, the relationship between Xavi and Loli, as well as Loli’s confidence become fragile.

Vanessa del Campo//Spain//2017//15min


Like most teenagers, April loves music and dancing. She loves trampolining and swimming in the pool; but as her 16th birthday approaches, her life will begin to change in ways that she cannot understand. April’s mum, meanwhile, balances her own emotions over the vulnerability of her daughter, with tough decisions ahead.

Lindsay Brown//UK//2016//15min

Free Period

Free Period is a Glaswegian standoff between a schoolgirl and a tampon machine. When schoolgirl Leanne can’t afford a sanitary pad she stuffs her knickers with toilet paper and ends up bleeding in front of her class. Leanne overcomes this humiliation with a shocking act of rebellion – against a bully, a teacher, and against the stigma which acts as a barrier to her needs.

Alison Piper//UK//2017//6min

The Chicken and Her

She has a story to tell, with the chicken as witness. Using black humour, a sharp monologue and displaced feminine cliches, The Chicken and Her dives deeply into the difficult issues such as sexual abuse and violence against women.

Kika Nicolela//Belgium//2017//5min

149th and Grand Concourse

149th and Grand Concourse captures the diverse voices of the South Bronx against a backdrop of rapidly changing streets. An animated portrait of New York city life in flux.

Andy & Carolyn London//US//2017//3min13sec

Chasing Houses

The experimental road movie enters the contradictory space between home and mobility. Through the vastness of the US American West, Chasing Houses follows mobile homes on their journey from tear down to set up. A multitude of lifestyles and economic disparities unfolds in the fragmented encounters along the road.

Justin Time //US//2017//1hour