Friday Night

Book – Edinburgh

EDINBURGH – 21 April – Pilrig St Paul’s – 1b Pilrig Street

STIRLING – 28 April – The Curly Coo – 51 Barnton St


Book – Stirling

Pretty Persistent


Think of our Friday night programme as a moment of catharsis, these images and stories will set off a detonation and blow those feelings of stress sky high. A blank screen, on it appears one dot, and a line. In the film ‘Any Exit’, that is all it takes to communicate the all too familiar feelings of anxiety and depression. Powering on in times of adversity can be hard, pushing up against the pressures around us can leave us exhausted, but by the end of the evening we are revived.



Over Pressure


OVER PRESSURE (ÜBER DRUCK) cinematically searches for manners in our everyday life. It shows truth, personality and surprise. A colourful atmospheric picture to think about.

Sebastian Binder//Germany//2016//12min52sec

Any Exit


How does anxiety feel, and how can we deal with it? The abstract animation “Any Exit” is inspired by the psychological work of Fritz Riemann and his theory about anxiety. With the most minimalistic visuals and sound an atmosphere of depression is created. A dot and a line are telling a story about fighting and captivity. Running circles without any exit. To understand that the solution is somewhere else. The graduation film is the try to look underneath the surface to find the essence.

Irina Karelina//Germany//2016//2min29sec



Tilda is shy and lives surrounded by her dolls. The only contact to the outside world is Pastor Krause. She starches and irons his ruff but would never dream of looking him in the eye. One day during communion, when the pastor spills wine on his freshly starched collar everything changes.

Katja Benrath//Germany//2015//14min14sec

Where to, Miss? 


Becoming a taxi driver is Devki’s biggest wish. To reach this goal, Devki has to stand up first to her father, then her husband and at the end even her father-in-law. Devki’s story in “Where to, Miss?” tells us why it is difficult for Indian women to step out of their deeply embedded soceital roles.

Manuela Bastian//Germany//2015//82min20sec