Friday Night

EDINBURGH – 20 April – St. Cecilia’s – 50 Niddry St

STIRLING – 27 April – The Curly Coo – 51 Barton Street


Hearts and Crafts



Eight Thirty


  • Vacuum – UK – Gabriel Lim
  • 8:30 – Austria – Laura Nasmyth, Philip Leitner



What happens in our heads when we are about to meet someone on the street? Anguish, prejudice, expectation, surprise, disappointment … These few very brief moments are the nest of a real brainstorm!

Christophe Clin//Belgium//2017//5min55sec

Weavers of Imagination

Story of some unsighted people who weave carpets by using Brail. Weaving carpets requires precision and sight and it is difficult even for the sighted people. The unsighted people think if there was a place where the sighted people did not bother them, they would have a better life.

Sadegh Jafari//Iran//2017//20min

Clever Girl

A troubled girl gets into an undesired conversation with a blabbering older woman.

Alexios Koukias-Pantelis//UK//2016//3min34sec

A Gap in the World

Donald Ker grew up near Inverness. His father was a tenant farmer. In 1957 Donald’s father, while drunk, fell into the harbour and drowned. Donald was 13 years old. At the time he was relieved; his father was violent when drunk and regularly targeted the family. Donald is a writer and a potter. This short documentary is an intimate look at how these activities can make the world better. Donald reflects on how they have helped him move towards a sense of reconciliation with his abusive father, allowing him to take control of his own past.

Chris Snow//UK//2016//12min23sec

Cold Storage

Cold Storage is a short dance film that pays homage to the virtuosic physical performances and melancholy comedy of the classic silent screen. On a desolate arctic shore, a lonely fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen in the ice, and thaws him out as his newfound soul brother.

Thomas Freundlich//Finland//2016//8min45sec


 Using his innate skills in perfumery as a form of escapism, Antoine navigates through scrutiny in an oppressive world controlled by a government that aims to narrow down the human senses.

Gabriel Lim//UK//2017//3min16sec


8:30 follows the observations of a young man who finds himself stranded in a desert- like suburb in some kind of infinite loop.

Laura Nasmyth & Philip Leitner//Austria//2017//1hour10min