Our Team


12528639_10156728619280374_1236844484_o (1) Carys Evans | Project Manager

 Carys could no longer ignore the call of her Scottish roots, and so made the journey north to study a Masters in Film, Exhibition and Curation at the University of Edinburgh (following in fabulous, and large footsteps). Diving head first into the thriving film festival scene in Edinburgh, whilst also making time for plenty of whisky drinking and vegetarian haggis consumption, Carys has been involved in events and projects that have introduced her to filmmakers, and curators from all over the world. 

Anne Rushing Anne Rushing | Pop Up! Scotland Creative Director

Creative Director, Fearless Leader, Anne started Pop Up! Scotland after getting her MFA in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art. Before that, this cheeky American worked for glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell, made her own art work, worked for an assortment of small business doing bookkeeping, and got her dual degree (double major for you Americans) BA from Centre College in History and Studio Art.

Nina Schildhauer | undependence Project Manager/Curator

Having graduated from Lueneburg University in Culture, Arts and Media (M.A.) with a focus on film, Nina went on to complete the Film, Exhibition and Curation MSc the University of Edinburgh. She worked on several festival screening projects for the Glasgow and Edinburgh International Film Festival. After graduation, she decided to co-found the undependence Film Festival together with Anne Rushing and PopUp! Scotland in Edinburgh and in Glasgow. She is currently also working in film production and working on a new screening project (yet to be released).

Past Team Members

Anna Grebe Anna Grebe | Curator

With a PhD in Media Studies, Anna works as a lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies in Germany, Austria and Chile. As a member of the FSK in Germany she also works as committee member of the Voluntary Self Regulation of the Movie Industry.

Rebecca Raab Rebecca Raab | Curator

Having joined special juies of film festivals in Germany, France and the UK such as the Berlin International Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Tout Court Film Festival in Aix-en-Provence, Rebecca has a wide experience with the international festival circuit. As a graduate from the University of Edinburgh’s film, exhibition and curation programme Rebecca is passionate about bringing films on screen. As an assistant communication and event manager with a German film fund she’s currently in charge of film premieres and film promotion.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 13.15.00 Billie Phipps | Curator

Billie studied alongside the festival co-director and graduated from Edinburgh’s MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation course in 2015. She has programmed short films for events in Scotland and organised screenings for film societies in Ireland. Currently based in Bangkok, she is involved in exciting projects at home and abroad.

 12988120_10153734514989495_2010993170_n Lucy Ayre | Marketing Manager

 Having grown up in Glasgow, Lucy developed an interest for film at Glasgow’s Film Theatre where she volunteered for their Youth Film Festival. After finishing school Lucy decided to make the move to the capital, host to several film festivals, to study Film and Media at Queen Margaret University. After graduating Lucy has kept herself immersed in Edinburgh’s film scene through her volunteering and started an internship at a local charity as a communications intern.

Kyra Gaunt Kyra Gaunt | Marketing Manager

 An Edinburgh native, Kyra has volunteered for various festivals in the city. After graduating from Queen Margaret University with a degree in Film and Media, she joined the Undependence team. As well as doing some freelance writing, she is soon to begin a marketing internship with Edinburgh International Film Festival.