**** We are in the process of making some major structural changes to unDependence and at the same time preparing for the new season 2019 ****

Welcome to Pop-Up! Scotland’s unDependence film festival!

We believe that film is a highly effective medium for social commentary as it is so accessible to all. As a social enterprise, the ethos of Pop-Up! Scotland is that art is for everyone, and unDependence has been created in this spirit: of appealing to those beyond just the film snob and art-house lover.

After a successful first year of films exploring ideas of dependency and what it means to be an individual in a dynamic society, we are excited to showcase 2016’s take on “unDependence”.

While we are non-partisan, unDependence Film Festival was born out of the creative spirit that arose all over Scotland during the autumn of 2014. The festival wants to celebrate, promote and keep alive the un-dependent spirit in the arts in arts and filmmaking by showing Scottish and international moving images that will prompt (e)motions in its audience.

unDependence is not a typical film festival: we are changing up venues so everyone feels welcome, and complimenting the film screenings with artistic shows, lectures, and interactive workshops to create a unique experience.

unDependence is discovering your voice and make yourself heard.

unDependence is joyfully embracing new opportunities.

unDependence is asking “What does it mean to be an individual in a dynamic society?”

Out of a selection of over 235 international submissions, we are proud to present you the cinematic works (shorts, features, fiction and documentaries) from Scotland and beyond its borders.