Welcome to unDependence Film Festival 2019

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The unDependence Film Festival is a thematic film festival founded in Edinburgh in the conversations and creative energy surrounding the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and by extension the 2016 EU referendum. The festival is a platform to celebrate and showcase Scottish and International films in an interactive programme of workshops, talks and screenings, aiming to open up independent and arthouse film to a wider audience.

The festival showcases a mixture of creative, independent films from all over the world which might lack blockbuster budgets but which exemplify great craftsmanship, storytelling, and cinematography. In short, it’s a film festival for people who think they don’t like film festivals (as well as those who already know that they do). The festival founders are motivated by the firm believe that


All of unDependence’s films are linked by the theme of dependence, specifically the individual’s relationship to and dependence on the social and/or cultural context they find themselves in. From the personal to the political, we present films that explore questions surrounding dependence through shorts, feature films, documentaries, animation and experimental work.


We believe that gender parity should be the norm and our programme has a strict 50/50 quota of films by female and male filmmakers.

Our “cinemas” are public spaces that are not traditional cultural institutions. We want to bring film to “everyone” and therefore use community spaces as our theatres. Our ticket prices are affordable and we strive to include groups that are not able to afford cultural events by offering them free access – working with local charites. As with all online tickets, there is a small sales fee BUT in cooperation with CITIZENTICKET we can pay out 50% of the fee to a harity of our choice.

We believe in the power of the “small cinema” that attracts and is open for especially those who would usually shy away from cultural events. Our programme is carefully curated to show high quality filmmaking and invites our audience to discuss what they see.